Dating someone who makes minimum wage

The Netherlands' minimum wage depends on the age of the employee.Amounts are controlled by Dutch labour law and are reviewed twice a year on 1 January and 1 July.

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In the 2015 salary survey by recruitment consultants Robert Walters, salaries for various positions in the Netherlands were listed as: data entry EUR 20–31K, secretary EUR 26–40K, software developer EUR 30–85K, marketing analyst EUR 35–85K, business analyst EUR45–90K, national sales manager EUR 55–110K and sales director EUR 65–170K.

You can find estimates of wages in the Netherlands on Dutch).

Wages in the Netherlands rose an average of 0.1 percent in 2017, shown in the table below.

Because of changes to Dutch taxes, take-home salary in the Netherlands is expected to increase in 2017 for almost all workers, averaging about EUR 10–20 extra per month.

Wages in Amsterdam ranked 23 in the world according to the UBS Prices and Earnings report (2015), while Pay Inc.

estimated the median salary in Amsterdam by gender in 2016 was EUR 40,797 for women and EUR 50,103 for men.

In terms of negotiating your salary, the Dutch university and college guide Keuze Studiegids analysed which degrees typically achieved the highest wages in the Netherlands.

Reportedly dentistry was the most lucrative subject to study in the Netherlands, while graduates of art history and cultural studies, cultural anthropology, environmental sciences and international law were the least likely to find work with a good wage; for example, the report found that some 15 percent of art and culture graduates made less than EUR 900 a month, while many international law graduates started at NGOs where wages were structurally low.

It was a crummy job and to top it all off, my hours were curtailed so much for reasons I never understood that I was in essence laid off.

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