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Did a total removal/re-install and that still didn't work.Not sure what else to try short of re-imaging the system.It means that I request a read receipt only from the recipients who have specific words in their email addresses.


Instead of scrolling through hundreds of read receipts in your inbox, use the following trick to see all the recipients who read your e-mail.

If you're sending a really important message and want to be sure that the recipient will get it and open it, you can easily add delivery and read requests to this single message: As soon as the message is delivered and the recipient opens it, you will get the email read notification like the one below.

If you get it once a year, you are likely to confirm that you get the message.

It doesn't guarantee that the email is in the recipient's inbox.

11 weeks..are you getting any sleep, and if you think u don't have time on your hands right now (like i felt 6 months ago) wait till he gets bigger My six month old is just rolling but gets into all sorts of trouble! will be great to chat with every one take care AISHA Please Pm for email address Hi all, Sorry Rend im not Arab, studying arabic language. I was born and raised in Canada and moved to Europe when I married three years ago. We went to Damascus in April this year, it was wonderful, loved the people, culture, would love to go back every year. I am english but im learning arabic, inshallah im getting there.

i live in liecester i'm house wife aswell i spend most of my time at home boring hope i can find arabic mum here....... I moved to London mid-December from Vienna Austria. Hi Becky, im not arabic either but love the language.Instead, couples produce a wealth of homemade porn, usually with the intent of sharing it online.There is also a small selection of pornstars from the Middle East that work with production companies in Europe and the United States. Were planning a trip soon, my Moroccan friend suggested Morocco, of coarse, Essouria, because it would be stressfree, as we have a toddler. I tell u it's not easy that's for sure, i feel like I had to sacrifice preciouse time with my son to gain an education... Aisha I had a bad time in tunisia poisining ..the peaple are lovely, Oh and Shamin, I just came back from Dubai about a month ago, It's still beatifull but getting soooo expensive! Rend i'm in big trrouble my 3 month son catsh the cold from me he didn't sleep well and all the night he was monning and monning and every one at home is coghing.i had really bad experience in tunisie i didn't like at all i will never go back there i find morocco much better.acctually we were planning to go to dubai but i coudn't have the visa since i still have my moroccan passport and because it's lovely it's get more expensive every year.shamin i will suuggest u to go to essouira too but not in this time of the year coz all the festival bigin in the summer and it's not even hot to swimm or anything..... hi all, nice to see theres this section is active again. It would be easier if i knew Arab people., the only Arab i know is Moroccan, except the language is completely different to classical arabic im learning. Shame you had a terrible time in Tunisia, my neice went there she loved it. If we don't go soon we wont be able to go as I cant tolerate the weather when its hot. Hopefully speak to you soon, take care Shamin Hi Shamin, Another ARABIC: HOURAAAAA [smilie=049.gif] AHLAN, AHLAN (welcome, welcome). i did my pharmacy degree here (Brighton Uni) at the same time as having my first son...Outlook 20 make it possible to set a special rule to get delivery and read receipts.

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