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Sometimes sexy moms just get so hot and wet and while I can be very creative, horny mom phone sex tides over those urges in between mommy’s sexual conquests. When I press my busty mom tits against their strong arm to check their progress.Besides I like telling my clients how creative I can be. I was fantasizing them having me up on the counter lapping at mommy’s pussy and squeezing my massive tits together like they were going to milk me. It’s most convenient to offer the classes in my own kitchen. First I lick the batter off their fingertips, then lick it off their cocks.

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Remember you can always check my Travel Schedule on my website: only get to most cities ONCE A YEAR at best so make […] Wednesday, June 15 is a VERY Special Day for me!

I have not 1, not 2, but THREE major things happening on that date.

My first ever […] This month’s private solo Skype Show Day is Saturday, November 21st between pm-pm Eastern Time.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Amazon Gift Cards (Email/instant delivery only) and Google Wallet (sorry no Pay Pal). route=product/category&path=57 Email Nina at Book Alexis [email protected] let her […] Ten years ago, in 2005, I met Richard Mann for the first time.

Payment can be made via my secure online store with any major credit/debit card, Google Wallet, Amazon Gift […] OK people Autumn is upon us and that means I am on travel!

I will be in the cities listed below and will also be in other cities by special request.They are: 1- June 15 marks TEN YEARS exactly that I’ve had my personal Reality Site live and online. Many of you have told me that your favorite scene of me was my Sexy Teacher Shoot with Naughty America. I also did a shoot for Kink […] Here’s your chance to meet me in person. Charlotte – June 22-23 Raleigh – June 24-26 Charleston– June 27-July 6 Chicago – July 7-10 DC – July 13-22 Atlantic City – July 23-24 Philadelphia – July 24-25 DC – July 26-29 Columbus – August 25-28 LA – Sept/Oct TBA You would think I didn’t have many fantasies left to do.The celebrate that date, I will make LIVE my NEW and UPDATE […] Did you appreciate Teachers during Teacher Appreciation week? But I have always wanted to go to Europe for a Gang Bang but never had the chance. Looking up at me going "I just used to watch you with my Grandma after school,"'The documentary was about falling in love with my wife, and adopting a baby. F****ing Lance Armstrong liar.''You can't really minimize it so I'm having a lot of stressful situations in my family life at the moment and having stressful situations in my work environment, so something had to give.Everybody wants a show to work and for it to succeed.As you know I’ve been shooting my own content and shooting with friends and swingers.

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