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Email our data integration team with more information.Please note that Harmony remote or technical support must use one of the above phone or email contact options and will not be responded to by our data integration team.There was no city there at the time Joshua supposedly conquered it." Some 30 years after her excavation of the site – indeed, 12 years after Kenyon’s death – the detailed evidence has now become available in the final report. Ancient Jericho is located at Tell es-Sultan, next to a copious spring on the western edge of the Jordan Valley, just north of the Dead Sea.

Narrowly escaping capture, the spies brought back valuable intelligence collected from Rahab, a harlot who lived within the city wall.

Although the Jordan was in flood at the time the Israelites crossed, the waters were miraculously stopped and the Israelites were able to cross "on dry ground." They then marched around the heavily fortified city daily for seven days.

The site has been excavated several times in this century.

Based on the conclusion of the most recent excavator, British archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon, most historians and Bible scholars would answer with a resounding "No, certainly not!

Jericho is doubly unique: With its Neolithic settlement dating to 8000 B. E., Jericho lays claim to being the world’s oldest city; located 670 feet below sea level in the great rift valley, it is the world’s lowest city as well.

Jericho’s abundant water supply, favorable climate and geographic location made it a key site in ancient Canaan.

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But did it really happen as the Bible describes it?

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