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There was no doubt that Officer Buelna was attached to the little boy from the moment he saw him.

Buelna was investigating a stabbing that had taken place in the area a few days prior.

As he rounded the next corner, he was flagged down by a few neighbors in the area. Buelna went around to investigate the reports of a crying baby.

Hotel bookings include preferences like bed size and the number of beds.

But in many hotels, travelers should know that these preferences aren't guaranteed.

When he approached the dumpster he heard what sound like a very low meow, like the sound of a cat softly mewling.

He moved some of the trash out of the way and found the tiny baby, moaning hoarsely amongst the garbage. Here are some insider tips that we'd like to share with you about Hotels.It is not uncommon for hotels to slightly exaggerate their proximity to attractions and amenities around town.When you check in, simply ask how the front desk clerk's day is going and say hello to the cleaning staff when you pass them in the hall.This isn't just common courtesy, but it also increases your chances of getting perks during your stay.Just know that sometimes these packages include things you don't even want or need and that the special rate could be higher than the regular rate.

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