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Omg what a fantastic night we had together Leanne always makes me feel fantastic and she is one sexy person and knows how to treat you.

Leanne is one never to be missed love you leanne*adabing (51), Man on 7 April 2017 by Meeting in person: Met leanne at her place she looked hot long legs and slim figure we enjoyed 69 and both shot massive facials will be calling back soon.x*dcd (33), TV/TS on 3 April 2017 by Meeting in person: Met Leanne again at gatehouse (29/03) looks very sexy and confident in her look.

I just want people to respect her and treat her well.

Trans life is difficult and sometimes and she will always have my full support.

I can honestly say if there is a nicer trans girl on fab I have yet to meet them.

Sweet and really nice see i don't do trash and this girls real deal.

I look forward to many more exciting and erotic encounters with her.

Thanks for a wonderful evening darling and i will see you again very soon.

i really enjoyed her sucking my cock after she observed me and another t girl... I was turned on whilst watching her getting spanked...

an amazing time well spent xxx see you soon *amie1961 (57), TV/TS on 20 April 2017 by Meeting in person: I have met with Leanne a couple of time at the gatehouse.

Thank you for looking at me, and taking the time to read my profile.

I am Leanne and am currently living in the Manchester area.

Genuine and considerate girl on will be getting to see her again asap live to you from Foxy babes XXX *rancis TV north (70), TV/TS on 8 January 2018 by Meeting in person: The new year has got off to a flying start yesterday 07/01/2018 with a visit to the gate house to catch up with our friends and a chance to get the new dresses on and check out the guy's and girls now she looked absolutely stunning ln blue I know it's her favourite colour so after chatting to old friends (about a hour) I got her on her knees in the dungeon and insert my cock into her throat there was a few guys watching with and so time to let Leanne get some cum and set about the task with vigor and didn't get a drop on her new dress then I got her on the bench and gently warmed up that gorgeous bottom ready for fuckin and it was enjoyed then the butt plug to keep her open this time it was accepted without a problem and I am looking forward to seeing her in the not too distant future you amazing girl you've come a long way since I first saw you xxxxx Francis xxxxx*ohnd200 (63), Man on 26 December 2017 by Webcam:having known leanne for ages shes the most gourgous girl you should ever wish to meet shes so feminine lovely and slim and a really big girl in the most important areas herlovely big cock always excites me and her cute bottom a joy *rancis TV north (70), TV/TS on 24 December 2017 by Meeting in person: I have met Leanne nearly every week since may we've become lovers and best friends when I first met her she was a very quiet girl who had no confidence so I set about changing that I took her to sparkle and walked her through Manchester City Centre dressed for her first time out in public and then went shopping with her and she has been spanked into submission on the fuck bench in the gatehouse sucked cock and fucked by a quiet a few guy's who was watching her being spanked I've had the pleasure of staying at Leannes for a few days at the beginning of this month and she's stayed at mine she's not the same shy girl who I first met that I can safely say she's got the potential to be a girl in the real world and can and will be going out with female friends dressed as Leanne you make me proud to have known you and be my very best friend thank you I love you very much xxxxx *D in the nw (70), TV/TS on 9 December 2017 by Meeting in person: At the beginning of December I had the opportunity to join Leanna for a few days so we could enjoy time together with each other and find out what each other enjoys I found the most gorgeous girl that I could possibly have wished for she's warm,loving and thoughtful and I will always love you beyond the holding hands and shopping for dresses and the guys who think they are God's they are what is in there pants I've been with a lot of girls in my life but you are the ultimate girl who I love and want to be with you inspire me like no other the way you kiss me sends shivers up my spine yes you are amazing and I love you xxxxx Francis *D in the nw (70), TV/TS on 20 November 2017 by Meeting in person: Yesterday I went to Leannes to help with her make up then off to the gatehouse where she was restrained, spanked, sucked cock, fucked and a anal plug inserted to keep my cum in yes you had the full treatment xxxxx now Wednesday next mmmmmmmm can't wait *arilyn (60), TV/TS on 14 November 2017 by Meeting in person: Met Leanne at the gatehouse xx we had chatted on fab previously xx she is a gorgeous girl and very friendly xx I hope we can meet again and gave some sexy fun xxx don't pass her by xxc*D in the nw (70), TV/TS on 12 November 2017 by Meeting in person: On the 11th of November my very best friend and I visited the Gatehouse what a fantastic day we both had ( I hope you're not pregnant lol) one truly amazing day where did the boundaries go you very rarely see someone shaking in "extcy" I've had the pleasure of seeing Leanne a quivering mess see you on Wednesday a big day for you xxxxx :-) Love you *amie1961 (57), TV/TS on 8 November 2017 by Meeting in person: Met with Leanne again at the gatehouse, wednesday the 8th nov 2017.

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