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Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTmf: I dunno...honestly, I don't.

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But if people want to go back & debate how we got here? And too be sure Gordo has a ho-hum record in the big chair.

No argument from me, we shouldve never got to where the house was crumbling, though some of the rot came from within. But to be here, no top picks yet, no coach, no Nash or Jt, stuck with middling Rfas? But when I see the players he is targeting, it’s clear he wants a much more physical and aggressive New York Rangers team.

Almost every player at the deadline he grabbed had their own reputation for playing a physical brand of hockey.

So, it’s looking clear to me that all other things to the side he is building a team that is more palatable for me. Obviously you can have a big and mean team that sucks just as well as a superbly talented squad that’s baby poo soft.

Really though, that's not important because up to 10 teams could add him without ripping apart their roster and most of them will want him. NYStranger Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTSee Hospo, you can say the guy is a boob but he dismisses an icon & a guy who could easily threaten his job (and the whole franchise, if things ever really went askew with No.11 here) in one tidy sentence. Later, on WFAN, he was asked if he would consider hiring Rangers great Mark Messier as coach. “Listen, Mark’s done a lot of good things in hockey for the Rangers and all that,’’ he said. But I would say, as the head hockey coach of this team, that we probably are going to be looking in another direction.’’Gorton Gekko Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTTAVARES, ISLANDERS HAVEN’T PLANNED SIT-DOWN....

He's gonna get his money and a very selection of teams to play for, if he that's what he wants.r F4l Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTSo for shits and giggles I went over to and tried out the lottery simulator. “Obviously, it’s a big decision,” Tavares said, as quoted by Newsday.

Did it 40 times and the Rangers only moved up 3 times for me. BUT Rangers did move down to pick#9 or #10 about half the time. “I want to give myself the best chance to win the Stanley Cup.” If Tavares hits the open market, almost every other team in the NHL will approach him, though many will be restricted to offer a significant contract due to salary cap restraints.

It’s believed the Montreal Canadiens, Vegas Golden Knights, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes are among the teams that will significantly pursue Tavares if he becomes a UFA this summer....

coupled together with JT for the invisible maybe Russian....... NYStranger Mon Apr 9 2018 pm ESTMore on Dahlin: Offensive skills in the neighourhood of Karlsson but better defensively and bigger.

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