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Then while at Fort Richardson achieved the ranks of brigadier and Russian crews flew the major general. The first The pilots leaving Army Air Corps personnel arrived on Aug. in Alaska Barely visible beneath the wings of a Lockhead P-38 Lightning are the deadly bombs this multipurpose plane used to blast enemy troops, ships and gun emplacements. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Military missions assigned to USARAL included ground Army engineers began building airstrips in the Aleutian Islands and air defense of Alaska, with priority to the Anchorage and to fight possible Japanese invasions there. Army Reserve training; supervising Reserve Officer Train- starting point for the Japanese forces to invade the United ing Corps activities; and providing for internal security, to States and Canada, and took measures to prevent this. In fact, Alaska was the only American soil other than Ha- The uncertain world waii to see fighting during World War II, when the Japanese situation in the late forces bombed Dutch Harbor and seized Attu and Kiska is- 1940s and early lands in the Aleutian Chain.

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The Today, JBER continues to grow in importance to U. na- installation covers 84,530 acres, stretching from the northern tional security due to our strategic location and complementary Anchorage area to Palmer.

mix of military capabilities to include F-22 Raptors and E-3 Sen- We hope your tour here is personally and professionally re- try AWACS, Pacific Command's only airborne brigade combat warding.

The new name Fort Greely, providing ample acreage for Northern Warfare for the headquarters for all Army personnel in Alaska became Training Center exercises and testing by the Cold Regions U. The 1,420-mile road was school at Fort Greely; providing logistical support to Air Force built as an overland supply route to get troops and supplies to and Navy elements in Alaska; conducting National Guard and Alaska. propeller-driven P-5ls At the end of the war, many of the small Army posts were replaced with throughout the state closed permanently. Following the National Security Act of 1947, the Army planned to move its operations to a new site named Fort On Nov.

20, 1942, at Soldiers' Richardson, adjacent to the WWII installation.

The Air Force Summit, the United States Army Corps of Engineers cut the ribbon on the assumed control of the original Fort Richardson and renamed Alaska Highway linking the Lower it Elmendorf Air Force Base, gaining full ownership of Elmen- 48 states to Alaska. The Alaskan Command, estab- United States Army Corps of Engineers lished Jan.

1, 1947, and headquartered at Elmendorf, was a working on the Alaska Highway.

Theyalsoenforcedregulationsregardingthekilling the Great Land began at the very moment 6of fur seals, whose population had been severely depleted Alaska became American soil, Oct. Russian Golden Eagle was lowered and the Stars and Stripes The Signal Corps operated weather stations, and a number of were raised in Sitka, which became headquarters for U. officers led small geographic explorations to learn more about Military District, Alaska. These expeditions into various parts of Alaska The military has had a presence, even if very small at times, continued through the turn of the century, as mapmaking and ever since. Charged with maintaining law and order in the new The Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon Territory, Canada, plus territory, Soldiers helped quell uprisings and built new forts later gold rushes in Alaska helped the expansion, as thousands at Wrangell, St.

Paul Canal, Kodiak Island and on the Kenai of people poured into the territory. This image shows Soldiers on the line and under fire during the battle for Attu, Alaska, 1943.

unified command under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, based on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson 7 Alaska in Military the Paratroopers jumping from a Fairchild C-82 "Packet." of It was primarily used for cargo and troop transport, but it also was used for paratroop operations and towing gliders.

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