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Meeting online friends face to face carries more risks than other types of friendships because it's so easy for people to pretend to be something they're not when you can't see them or talk in person.It's safer to Skype or video message with someone first, but even that can carry some risks.

But spam blockers can keep your mailbox from getting clogged.

Many service providers will help you block out or screen inappropriate emails if your parents agree to set up age-appropriate parental controls.

Although email is relatively private, hackers can still access it — or add you to their spam lists.

Spam, like ads or harassing or offensive notes, is annoying.

Cyberbullying refers to cruel or bullying messages sent to you online.

These might be from former friends or other people you know.They can also be sent anonymously — in other words, on a website where everyone has a screen name, so teens being bullied might not even know who is bullying them.If you get these bullying messages online, it's often better to ignore them rather than answer them. You also can try to delete or block bullies so you no longer see their messages or texts.In some cases, though, predators may use this information to begin illegal or indecent relationships or to harm a person or family. If you have to, call someone or go for a run instead before you start venting online.Second rule: when you're on a website, try to remain as anonymous as possible.They will then see that the info is forwarded to law enforcement officials for investigation.

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