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For this role, Chen Qiao En has to train under a Korean dance coach and try to grasp the character's emotions when she slowly goes blind.

After 2003's highly popular 'Prince Turn To Frog' and 2007's 'Ying Ye 3 1', this is the third time that Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao are paired as lovers on screen.

I think this is media play to boost their drama "Stay With Me".

Joe Chen spotted with her parents in Wang Kai's hometown Wuhan.

Wang Kai's mom had her arm around Joe Chen supposedly.

Chen Qiao En has been doing plenty of C-dramas in recent years and remains one of the go-to drama leading ladies, and has been linked with her share of drama costars.

This time the dating rumor stems from Chen Qiao En being spotting in Wang Kai’s hometown city of Wuhan with her parents, and being escorted around town by Wang Kai’s parents.

The group was spotted in the city being very chummy and reportedly Wang Kai’s mom has her arms around Chen Qiao En at times much like a happy prospective mother-in-law.

Nothing says dating like the meeting the parents or the parents meeting so if this is all true then I’m thrilled and impressed with this latest beautiful star couple.

The couple allegedly had a ‘cold war’ because of this.

Louis allegedly sought his good friend’s help to mend his relationship with Joe and confided that he “loved her (Joe Chen) very much”.

She was the female lead in the 2nd highest-rated Taiwanese drama "The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog", and was a hostess in two TV shows -- "Treasure Hunter".

When asked how she will react if this happens in real life, Chen Qiao En replied: "This will not happen to me.

Tabloids have claimed that Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen was dating Hong Kong movie star, Louis Koo for almost a year!

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