Updating nas

If the latest packages are not published there, it means that they have not been released yet.

Before installing, it is important to remember that the Free NAS® operating system must be installed on a separate device from the drive(s) that will hold the storage data.

updating nas-12

To be notified about Sync updates, keep option "Always check for updates to this version" enabled in Sync settings.

Upon startup Sync will check for new version and notify you if any are found and suggest installing it.

In this example, the user is performing a test installation using Virtual Box and has created a 8 GB virtual disk to hold the operating system.

Figure 2.3c: Selecting Which Drive to Install Into Use your arrow keys to highlight the USB, compact flash device, or virtual disk to install into and press the Note at this time, the installer does not check the size of the install media before attempting an installation.

When you use Sync with Web UI, there'll be no "Check now button".

If Sync's been pushed to autoupdate, notification will appear in Web UI's notification zone.

If you are uncomfortable using this command, write the .

Unmount any mounted partitions on the USB thumb drive.

Next, determine the device name of the inserted USB thumb drive.

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