Northern ireland sex chatrooms

She said she was initially targeted in public chatrooms but then lured into a private conversation, being asked if she was alone and if she had a boyfriend. But she said the most shocking thing was that the parents thought the children were safe in their bedrooms.

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The shocking revelations are contained in BBC Northern Ireland's Spotlight programme following an investigation into the dangers to children on the internet.

Chief Inspector Willie Mc Auley, who deals with online abuse cases, said the case of the 12-year-old boy, was one of the worst he had encountered.

An 11-year-old girl in County Londonderry who gave her e-mail address to a stranger was lured to a public park and assaulted.

A 12-year-old Belfast boy was left partially clothed in a bedroom, after being convinced he was gay.

It is understood the man runs a private music academy and also offers tuition to primary and secondary schools.

It is believed he has recently been employed by several primary schools in the south Derry, Mid-Ulster and Antrim areas.

Stan Mallon from County Antrim admitted using an internet chatroom to contact a girl called "Marny" who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. During her investigations, Mandy Mc Auley confronted a man to whom she had been in contact with via the internet and telephone.

Spotlight is broadcast on BBC One Northern Ireland at 2235 BST on Tuesday.

"The parents of the young boy discovered what was going on after they found indecent images amongst his possessions," he said.

"We did see very clearly that the grooming process was working.

"Some of them had absolutely no conscience at all," she said. "Day after day I've been approached by scores of men.

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