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The fact is, you’re not doing anyone any favors by continuing a conversation your heart isn’t really in.

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“It's probably the most adult you've seen us as a pair, which is kind of cool.

You know, we've done some past films together when we were kids, but nothing like this.”“It was a really therapeutic experience for AJ and I, just because we touch on topics that definitely have happened to us in our lives,” Aly adds.

Now, we're writing music as adults and that transition is really hard.”“Those are going away,” AJ says.

“We're massive perfectionists, and I know it's been a long time coming …

The girls added: So, we're sure they'll keep us updated!

Super excited to hear what they come up with this time!And here's what they had to say about the project: .He's also worked with artists like Regina Spektor, Tegan and Sara, and Maroon 5.“So, the story, some parts are real, some are from our own lives. it’s for the audience to take away their own opinion of what they actually think happened to us.”The film features original music by the sisters, including one song they recorded as 78Violet, “Boy.” The duo changed their band name from Aly & AJ, the moniker they used while signed to Disney-owned Hollywood Records, to 78Violet in 2009.They only released one song under the new name, 2013’s “Hothouse,” before announcing in late 2015 that they would once again be recording as Aly & AJ. “I think there was also a moment in finding that new band name where we were trying to separate ourselves from being children, and seen as being as childlike performers.I am a self dependent woman who's had a few personal successes.

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