Taurus men dating cancer women

Do not worry and be a little impish on your first date.It is worth to know, how far you can go and still see the lovely and friendly smile.The Taurus woman can turn into a winged goddess of sex when she finds you attractive and when she is sure about your stable and acceptable income ( The marriage of Cancer and Taurus is less frequent but quite stable.

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Make a test and say, that you eat frogs and snails on your regular trips to Paris, or roasted crickets and baked worms when you are in Amazon rainforest.

You will probably see a long gaze, maybe a gentle disgust, but no yelling.

Both are empathetic and feel very soon if there is a necessary sparkle of love in the air.

Neither the Taurus nor the Cancer will scream on the first date, when you try to shock them a bit.

Cancer and Taurus will sense it weeks ahead before it comes.

You must not take the reflective vest to draw attention to the coming danger.

The quince is often more nice than tasty when compared with the pear.

And also the love of Cancer and Taurus is usually more and practical than touching or deeply emotional.

Cancer is sensitive and high moral values are characteristic for this zodiac sign.

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