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Men who triumph in brutal and bloody donga fights are considered heroes by the rest of the village and wider tribe A tribeswoman with a lip plate wearing a skinned animal carcass on her head.

While the lip plate and scaring on her shoulders might look bizarre to outsiders it is actually considered a sign of beauty among Ethiopian tribal societies The Suri tribe inhabit the Omo Valley near Kibbish in southern Ethiopia.

The Capital newspaper, established in December 1998 is a newspaper that is meant to promote the free enterprise in the country, and also create public awareness about all the business and economic events in the country.

The interface of the website is more suitable for phone browsers than desktop browsers.

The Jimma Times is an independent online Newspaper that is updated by both local reporters in the country and those in Ethiopian Diaspora.

If you are looking for the latest news and information from Ethiopia, these are some of the online newspapers that provide the latest update about the country.

Before a Donga, some Suri drink the fresh blood of their cattle.

The online news portal is available here: Reporter is a major Ethiopian newspaper that covers major business and economic sectors including politics, arts, society, entertainment, sports etc.

The online news portal is available here: Tadias is an online newspaper that features lifestyle and business publications about Ethiopia and the western community.

Addis Fortune is an Ethiopian newspaper meant to provide all the quality information about business activities in Ethiopia.

It provides the state of business enterprises in Ethiopia and what they do.

These days, it is possible for one to look for a local and read the information he or she wants.

Some of the most preferred Ethiopian newspapers on the internet are found below.

It is meant to cover newsworthy events within and outside Ethiopia, informing those in Diaspora on what is going on in the country and those in the country on what is going on in the Ethiopian Diaspora. This is an Ethiopian website that informs people with some interest in Ethiopia and Africa in general by providing daily original news releases from organizations operating in the continent.

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