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What I'm saying is that we partied and we had fun but it wasn't about he and Mick having any kind of sex or anything like that. He was comfortable dressing up and wearing his hair like Greta Garbo or whatever.That was what the whole glam rock thing was about—it allowed men to look like girls or a fabulous drag queen.The singer Ava Cherry was sound asleep in her Lincoln Park home on the morning of January 11 when her phone began incessantly chiming and vibrating with alerts. "My heart just sank," recalls Cherry, who was raised in Woodlawn. I don't know why I felt that suddenly because, of course, he was married—but my remembering him from the past was just a flood of fantastic memories.

Whenever we went somewhere, it was an experience because there were so many people who loved him, so many people who wanted to see him or talk to him.

Was that exhausting—trying to vie with all the admirers for his attention?

David got sick and didn't have a chance to tour in Japan. That's the thing—it was always both, romantic and work. We met, we were attracted to each other physically but he also saw that I was a talent. We used to hang out with Mick [Jagger] and [his wife] Bianca a lot. What's it like walking into a room on David Bowie's arm?

It really messed up my life because I had quit my job, I got rid of my apartment. At the same time, a friend invited me to Monaco in the south of France. He also wanted to be around me, so he said, "I'm going to put her in a group." That was how that began. We'd go to dinner and whatever parties were going on in town. We were at an Andy Warhol party once and I was drinking champagne and I guess I'd had too much. You'd walk into a room and the cameras would be flashing and popping.

Meanwhile I worked for Playboy too—I was a bunny and all that, lived in the mansion.

She got that job on her own, and I got in another way: I went to a bunch of parties and then was invited to the mansion. So how does a girl who grew up on the south side of Chicago end up dating David Bowie? At about the end of 1972 I was living in New York at that time and working in a nightclub called Genesis.

Cherry and Bowie split in '75 as he descended further into drug addiction on the eve of his seminal move to Berlin to clean up.

Since then Cherry has put out a handful of albums, including the very listenable 1980 disco record Ripe!!! Next month she'll begin work on a new release that she says will include a tribute cover of "Life on Mars? My dad was a trumpet player but he also worked for the post office for, like, 50 years. He was the most wonderful man in the whole world, but I hardly ever saw him.

I wasn't trying to vie for his attention because I knew I had him. When he walked away [during a party], I was talking to someone else—Andy Warhol or Mick or whomever.

I was never the jealous type who would follow someone around a room.

She awoke at almost 5 AM to find some 350 messages reacting to the death of her ex-boyfriend and collaborator David Bowie.

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