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After cleaning up, I just sat down to continue chatting as if nothing happened.

From then on, i only had to invite her to open my cam and I be jerking away.

Her name was Alice, 22 years old at the time we met. She was attracted to my pic of my naked ass of my public profile pic. At the time she was working in KL as a sales assistant.

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This is the most unique nation in the world which still holds different roots of different civilizations; there are many sections in the society whose roots goes to china, India, Islam, Hinduism, or even western and sinic records.

less then 10 minutes, I cum into her mouth and she sucked and licked up every drop of my thick cums.

we took a shower together and then a little chat before i realized my soft dick was already in her mouth...

the next moment we were on 69 position and it was my turn to tongue lap her cunt... she orgasm in about 5 minutes but lasted more then 3 minutes!!!

during which she continued to suck my dick and moaned at the same time.

It was very fun and that was what we both expected.

One day about 6 months into our chats, she surprised me that she got a job in Singapore and will be staying in toa payoh. as soon as she settled down, we were back to online chat and phone chats once a while.

After that, proceeded to the bedroom where the real magic happened.

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*** 前幾天去找Shakira,很性感的妹妹,不錯好看,她說她20歲,見面的時候看不出來打扮如何,可是脫了衣服褲子後,裏面居然穿著丁字褲,屁股很翹,而且胸部圓潤堅挺,果然是年輕妹妹的身材,她還問我身材如何,是否猶如照片那樣,照片看不到乳頭,乳頭很小一顆好可愛,洗澡的時候很用心洗,擦全身擦背後,然後很細心洗老二,當然是因爲等下的口交。 在床上的時候她緩緩爬上來,說現在是一小時的女友,來好好享受,然後就很熱情的接吻了,從來沒碰到這麽熱情的接吻,還會親吻脖子,胸膛,她還會抓她的胸部來給你吸,感覺起來就是一個小女友,很快就硬了,在她的翹臀上摩擦來摩擦去,她開始往下親吻老二,口交功夫很不錯,會依據我的反應加强,然後舌頭舔得更賣力。 在舔的時候還會不時和我對視,這種口交最迷人,看著紅腫硬硬的老二在她的嘴裏進出,還有迷人的眼神,這種互動非常棒啊,不是只有低頭服務而已。戴了套之後開始做愛,妹妹的鮑魚算是漂亮,而且呻吟聲有些淫蕩,會情不自禁開始大聲,難怪叫我不要關掉電視聲音,因爲真的會越來越大聲和淫蕩。 做了很久之後,她感覺很爽,會抓著床單和枕頭,臉部呈現很爽的樣子,期間還是一直接吻和抽插,真的很有女友感,互動很好,非常好屌。在換姿勢的時候發現整個套子都是她的淫汁,還有一些白漿,看來她也爽到。最後射出來了,她會細心來幫我脫掉套,然後再去洗澡。 整個過程很好,也許妹妹還沒有那麽江湖,至少互動上讓我很驚喜,當然還會回頭,一切感覺太好了。 名字: Shakira 樣貌: 8/10 (我喜欢的类型) 身材: 9/10 (翹臀和挺波) 胸部: 9/10 (很扎實很好抓) 鲍鱼: 9/10 (剛剛好,不會一直喊痛)8 口交: 9/10 (互動很好) 接吻: 8/10 (很有女友感覺) 爱爱: 9/10 (叫聲真的很淫蕩) 趕場: 9/10(不會趕場,可能當天沒客人) GFE: 10/10 (小女友的感覺) 家用: RM250 回头:肯定会回头 地区: KL 种族: 马来妹, NL , 中文 Real moaning with Kimmy Master: dennis Got the contact for quite sometime. That day not so smooth…Facing problem with hotel as the initial hotel set has water shortage problem…damn make me run the […] MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH FL NASIHA (A YOUNG DECENT COLLEGE STUDENT) Master: Fai This my SECOND FR… [Golden Key] *** Hi bro, Just to provide fr for this milf NL as I picked up recently.

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