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Angela Simmons net worth is estimated at .5 million.Angela Simmons is the daughter of Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons. Angela Simmons stars in the MTV reality series “Run’s House with her sister, and father, the founding member of the iconic hip-hop group Run DMC.Simmons harvests good income from her work, as the co-owner of Pastry Footwear.

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Simmons has a sister named Vanessa Simmons and a brother named Joseph "Jojo" Simmons Jr. The series first aired on October 13, 2005, and is based on the family life of former Run–D. Besides, the actress also launched Pastry Footwear with her elder sister, Vanessa under their family's line of footwear named Run Athletics on March 23, 2007.

Her father, Joseph is one of the founding members of the influential group called Run-D. The first product line "Cake Collection" was inspired by her favorite pastries.

She focuses on a full body workout, however, dislikes doing squats.

Angela resumed her workout in just 2 weeks after giving birth to her son Sutton.

Danielle wants to bring a dog into the house so Angela brings her to an animal shelter. Vanessa becomes extremely angry because her boyfriend is allergic to cats.

Meanwhile, Jessica helps Brian win money in a basketball game.

Angela loves her workouts and trains at Force Fitness Inc. She does a mixture of boxing and weights and takes spinning lessons too.

On other days, she incorporates a work out by running up the stairs or on the treadmill.

Angela, Vanessa and Jessica throw a housewarming party, and everything's great until they discover the house is infested with mice!

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