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Where things get interesting is when one zeroes in on Rosenfeld’s data for non-married couples, which offer a rare window into the trajectory of modern relationships.

Broadly, the takeaway is that time really does help reduce the likelihood that two people go their separate ways. Notice how steep the curve is for both straight and gay couples early on.

Jennifer and Darren were both at the Governors Awards a week and a half ago, where they sat together as they are still friendly.

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Sixty percent of the unmarried couples who had been together for less than 2 months during the first wave of Rosenfeld's study were no longer together when he checked up again the following year.

But once a relationship lasts a year, the likelihood that it ends begins to drop precipitously.

And how do the chances of breaking up change over time?

These are some of the many questions Michael Rosenfeld, a sociologist at Stanford, has been asking as part of a longitudinal study he started in 2009.

Thinking like this will only lead you to a bad place…

a place of deep suffering.” Whether you realize it or not, you have a mission right now in your love life.

I can imagine as you’re feeling that, you resent him. How do you know he’s not dying inside, feeling like his heart was torn in half…

and he’s just trying to distract himself from the pain because he really, truly does not know any other way to dull the piercing pain he feels in his heart right now? How do you know that he doesn’t feel completely wretched about himself right now? The only thing you can know is your feelings at this moment.

People also don’t recall failed relationships too well." Rosenfeld, who has been tracking more than 3,000 people, is helping to fix that.

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