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The Internet offers many Cinderella resources to help teachers share this classic story in its many forms with their students. Co-founder of Denim services and "Cinderella Project" (one of the largest dating services in Russia).

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You can also reach out to designers and fashion companies to see if they would be interested in donating some dresses.

It is so important to find an organization that you are truly passionate about helping.

She explains that last night was a fantasy, and, in reality, she was just pretending to be someone that she was not (33).

When he almost loses his record deal because of her review, Tory arranges for Sissy to call in some favors and get the financial backing to make the deal. However, neither can stop thinking about each other, and eventually their attraction is too great, so they start dating.

In total, under his leadership, over 150 successful projects were implemented.

Find out about Cinderella Project prom dress donations along with what it takes to make a difference in the lives of today's underprivileged youth in this exclusive Love To Know Charity interview with Florence Azria.

I first got involved with The Cinderella Project through volunteer work that I had been doing at A Place Called Home.

This is a wonderful afterschool program for children that provides a safe haven and also enables them to learn and enjoy activities such as music, dance, yoga and etc.

Many teachers use the story of Cinderella in their classrooms in a myriad of ways; teaching the elements of writing, reading comprehension and critical thinking.

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