Facts about dating websites

There are members in almost every province of Thailand, Northern and North Easthern Thailand especially, and you can filter your search by province if you wish.

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Another fact about Thaifriendly that I should mention is, though it is unofficial, it is very obvious to see that some women (and ladyboys) are not looking for relationships, but part time work…

If you have a look at their profiles you can see comments from other users, and that is how you can find out what the person you are interested in is looking for.

you always get dick pics sent to you and it is very unpleasant…

Thaifriendly has a web design that is way different to the other dating sites; you can comment on photos and profiles and it is common to see photos of women in their bikinis and underwear.

There's no doubt that mobile phones, the internet, dating sites and apps are all impacting on the nightlife scene.

These days, the best looking girls are found on: My recommended Thai dating site Like other major cities in the world, Tinder has a following in some cities of Thailand.

If you are into ladyboys, Thaifriendly is the place for you since you can search for ladyboys specifically.

However, sometimes you have to make sure that they have the same goals as you…

I found out that I did not like it because I don’t like putting photos of myself on the internet.

And oh, going through all the profiles and reading comments is fun!

It is very common to find comments such as “last night was amazing, hope to see you again (wink wink)” or “amazing body, khun suay mak mak (you are very beautiful).”Or even more obvious, they will just mention what they want in their profiles…On the other hand, there are normal Thai girls who use Thaifriendly to find western boyfriends as well.

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