What is the proposed dating for the gospel of john

Perhaps this is why Clement of Alexandria calls it a “spiritual gospel.” Conclusion: I believe that John the apostle authored the Gospel by dictation.

That is to say, John most likely provided the material to an amanuensis.

what is the proposed dating for the gospel of john-90

The amanuensis documented the aged apostle’s words and added the addendum to the Fourth Gospel and the title “the disciple whom Jesus loved” in reference to the apostle.

I think the evidence is quite strong for John the son of Zebedee authoring the Fourth Gospel.

Claims to the contrary[4] bring more questions than answers.

Such as, why do the other Gospels not elevate the other suggested candidates to a higher light?

130-202 AD) writes, Further, they teach that John, the disciple of the Lord, indicated the first Ogdoad, expressing themselves in these words: John, the disciple of the Lord, wishing to set forth the origin of all things, so as to explain how the Father produced the whole, lays down a certain principle,—that, namely, which was first-begotten by God, which Being he has termed both the only-begotten Son and God, in whom the Father, after a seminal manner, brought forth all things.

Again, in the same books Clement has set down a tradition which he had received from the elders before him, in regard to the order of the Gospels, to the following effect.The phrase “the disciple whom Jesus loved” appears 5 times in the Fourth Gospel.This disciple holds a prominent role even to the point that Peter asks about the beloved disciple’s ministry in John 21., son of Zebedee, meets this criterion as well as James, the brother of John.And after a great deal of suffering he came to Smyrna, where he disembarked with great joy, and hastened to see the holy Polycarp, [formerly] his fellow-disciple, and [now] bishop of Smyrna.For they had both, in old times, been disciples of St. Being then brought to him, and having communicated to him some spiritual gifts, and glorying in his bonds, he entreated of him to labour along with him for the fulfilment of his desire; earnestly indeed asking this of the whole Church (for the cities and Churches of Asia had welcomed the holy man through their bishops, and presbyters, and deacons, all hastening to meet him, if by any means they might receive from him some spiritual gift), but above all, the holy Polycarp, that, by means of the wild beasts, he soon disappearing from this world, might be manifested before the face of Christ.He says that the Gospels containing the genealogies were written first, and that the Gospel according to Mark was composed in the following circumstances:— Peter having preached the word publicly at Rome, and by the Spirit proclaimed the Gospel, those who were present, who were numerous, entreated Mark, inasmuch as he had attended him from an early period, and remembered what had been said, to write down what had been spoken.

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