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MICHAEL: It was a very big letdown when they let you go, and wrote you out at Schuyler had such great material at the end and he had just been revealed to be Mitch Laurence’s son.But in soap land, it almost always seems when they are ready to write you out, they hand you powerful scenes as your parting gift.On Wednesday night, the pair put their relationship to the test on the ITV game show All Star Mr and Mrs, revealing the ins-and-outs of their one year marriage.

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This story arc is about discovering his identity, which I did not have the opportunity to do with Dillon or Schuyler’s story.

This was a huge challenge for me, because sometimes when characters are introduced in a scene, it’s like, “Here’s this new character!

Now, Liam’s notoriety in the show has grown exponentially and I love that about him, but I had to work for that. I never really got an introduction and it sort of just grew. You learn a little bit about him, and then he claims Ridge is his father.

And believe me, his story is not complete yet, and there is still more to it.

What is interesting for me is that I don’t know everything either.

Granted, I knew Bill was going to be my Dad, but I did know what kind of person my mom was, and why they didn’t get together. So, I could not make these bold choices and then find out a week later I was wrong when I would read my scripts. And what is great to see, in a show that has limited airtime for its characters, is that Brad is giving you a great opportunity to shine. There is going to be a lot of conflict, and what is really cool is there is such a dichotomy between Bill and Liam.

(Laughs) SCOTT: Not everyone, so I am pretty lucky and grateful for that.

They could have just let me fade out, and if it weren’t for Dillon, was like this weird, quirky, punk kid, with rocker hair and chain length metal bracelets.

” With Schuyler, I had this huge teacher monologue, and with Dillon, I had these scenes with Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Eliot) bringing him into town. And if you remember, they even had me with another guy who was an extra and we had the same amount of lines, which was really smart. ” It was great, and slowly people started to notice Liam more.

Liam was like an extra for the first several episodes. I would go on message boards and see what people were saying and there was no chatter about it at all, and that is what it should be. Then, some people thought he was really annoying and some people thought he was this punk.

" The duo are now going head-to-head once more as they return to the Strictly ballroom with the new series of the BBC show starting on Saturday.

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