After updating any program wont boot

Your computer locks up, crashes, stalls or otherwise fails to completely boot up into Windows.That’s particularly painful, since most all of our diagnostic tools require that Windows be running.The reality is that most registry related issues are due to the data stored in the registry and not the fault of the registry itself.

This step exercises a lot of different areas on the machine, so if it hangs, or is exceptionally slow here, it could be for many reasons.

Things to check include disk space and fragmentation, physical errors on the disk holding the swap file, and network connectivity that might impact restoring those saved connections.

• Blue Screens and Other Hangs A “Blue Screen” is the name given to the blue screen of strange numbers and information that can sometimes come up if your machine crashes.

Essentially any blue screen, hang, crash or lock-up that happens after the Windows logo is displayed falls into this category.

That includes settings within the Windows registry [registry]The registry is nothing more than a highly structured database of information managed by Windows.

Almost all user and system settings, configuration information, passwords, and more are kept in the registry.

Windows applications are also encouraged to keep their settings and configuration in the registry.

Its implementation is somewhat controversial; some feel that a simpler mechanism such as plain text files used in other OS’s would be more robust.

If that happens repeatedly during boot, it could be anything from a bad device driver Spyware is a class of malware that, as its name implies, is typically designed to spy on you or your computer, silently collecting information that is subsequently sent on to others for typically nefarious purposes.

Various forms of advertising, including additional toolbars, homepage hacks, and data insertion (while technically not a form of spying) are often also included in the term to determine the presence of spyware.

You can install it on your machine before problems happen, as described in this Knowledgebase article How to Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows XP.

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